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A lot of people are not capable of very basic, common movement patterns... like squatting down and standing back up with your feet flat on the ground. Common dysfunctions are due to improper hip movement, shoulder mobility, back/shoulder and lumbo/pelvic/hip complex muscle contraction and control, and functional movement patterns with improper muscle recruitment patterns.

If you're not capable of moving in specific, fundamental ways, then you need to correct the issues affecting your movement patterns first. Otherwise, you'll be trying to progress beyond your capabilities.

The 5 Phase Fitness Exercise Continuum begins with: Assessment of your current state (body composition, health, physical limitations, imbalances, dysfunction, fitness level) and exercise capability/skill to determine a starting point. Whatever your starting Phase, we'll also start to correct imbalances and dysfunctions as part of every workout. You'll progress from your current stage to each successively more advanced stage as soon as you're capable, but not until then.

Body Basics and Exercise Fundamentals
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You'll learn proper form and technique, and you'll feel empowered as you start to feel control over your muscles and movements. While this phase is more about feel than anything else, you'll get stronger, more coordinated, and your body composition will begin to change.

It will take about 12 sessions to learn the basics about your muscles, movement, and exercise. You'll learn how they function, and how they feel when contracting, extending, and stretching out through a full range of motion with resistance. And we'll challenge them methodically. There is instruction, practice, and assessments throughout the process.

You'll learn proper movement and muscle function, break bad habits, establish neuromuscular pathways correctly, and then build muscular strength and endurance that allows you to progress to Phase II.
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